Siobhan Locke, the daughter of
the team, was suckered into
painting at her mother's volunteer
events when she was a teenager.  
After her mother worked for the
first year at the State Fair of
Texas, Siobhan discovered just
how rewarding face painting
could be. Siobhan, a sketch artist
who gained her love of art and
beauty at her mother's knee, soon
shared her mother's joy in the
canvas of the face.  Together,
they have created a name for
themselves in the Dallas/Fort
Worth area as two of the best
face painters available.

Let's Face It was established in 2002 when the mother/daughter team
of face painters discovered professional face painting.  Prior to this
time, face painting was a fun way to give back to the community.  
While the Let's Face It team still gives back to the community through
such charitable events as the Buffalo Boogie, which supports the Fort
Worth Nature Center, and events for MHMR of Tarrant County, they
are now available professionally for your birthday party, corporate
event, or grand opening.  With four years of professional experience
and several more of volunteer experience, the international award
winning artists of Let's Face It are a wonderful choice for any event.
Rebecca Williams, the mother of
the team, has been painting faces
since her college years.  In her
childhood, she painted in oils, but
found the new canvas of the face
infinitely more fascinating and
dynamic.  Her favorite face to
practice on is her daughter's, who
has demanded face painting at
every Halloween since she was
old enough to demand anything.  
Rebecca is primarily responsible
for the existence of the business,
having found other professional
face painters during an Internet
search for better paints.  She
found Snazaroo, a paint made
specifically for use on the skin,
and an entire community of people
that made their living off of this
wonderful art.  The rest, as they
say, is history
Rebecca is the current President of the DFW Face Painter's Guild and
Siobhan serves on the board as the Membership Chair.  Both work each
year at the State Fair of Texas and use only FDA compliant paints, made
specifically for use on the skin.  They are two, highly creative individuals,
whose primary joy in face painting is the look of wonder on the faces of
their customers when the painting is complete.  They also seem to have a
sort of sense of humor, althought reports of such are as yet unconfirmed.